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quality entertainment

Each year, we bring a variety of artists to our to stages and venues across North America, all of whom rock the stage in their own way.

Ready for a night you’ll never forget? Forrest Jones Entertainment promises you a great time full of live musical entertainment. We bring in top-notch entertainers, so you’re sure to see an amazing show. Whether you’re going out with your friends or that special someone, our fun atmosphere and good vibes guarantee you’ll have a fantastic evening.

Image by Caio Silva


Forrest Jones Entertainment is a company synonymous with providing high quality entertainment. As a performer, I have been involved with several shows produced by Forrest Jones Entertainment and have seen the level of dedication provided to creating top notch shows for attendees, while treating artists with the highest level of respect and catering to their needs in order to ensure the best experience possible for everyone involved.

- Suzi Kory, Musician

Image by NeONBRAND


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